Surya Dub Mission presented by GKR & SPARC

Each fourth Thursday of the month, SPARC in association with Grown Kids Radio brings you a brand new series of live music for your early evening. On Thursday, November 21st, 2013, SURYA DUB and DUB MISSION, two Bay Area institutions, joined forces to showcase an evening full of dub and bass vibrations. From the foundation to the freshest tunes, we witnessed irie sets by Kush Arora, J Boogie, DJ Sep and Maneesh the Twister. Video by Dalton Rooney

GKR x Mint Collective SXSW 2012 trailer

Over the past several years, Grown Kids Radio & The Mint Collective respectively have become hubs dedicated to increasing visibility for creative musical endeavors worldwide. Now we’ve transformed our online presence into a live physical connection and conversation, with some fresh musical talent during SXSW 2012…

Stay close for a full feature!

Video by William Perls

Brought to you by:
Grown Kids Radio
The Mint Collective
graphic by Andre Power!